Welcome to the Skair Studio website. Don’t let the website address confuse you! Richard Huard is the tattoo artist at Skair Studio hence, www.richardhuard.com.

What the heck is up with the name SKAIR?

The plan is to offer skin art which will include tattoos and piercings which is for SKin. In the near future we will be offering hAIR styling. So we combined skin and hair to make our own word, SKAIR.

Years In The Making!

Richard Huard first put ink into skin over 20 years ago at age 16 when he learned how to make a homemade tattoo machine. Not the best choice in the world but when we are kids we will try anything. Since using the wonky homemade machine Richard has graduated to professional tattoo machines and has been offering tattoo services over the years. Now tattooing for Richard is not a second thought but is an everyday thought and will continue to tattoo for years to come!